So you wanna learn Cubano?

So I figured that rather than get corrected on my ‘wrong’ Spanish (which isn’t even really Spain/Mexico Spanish, I don’t claim it is, and it’s not supposed to be) and also being asked to translate, I might just put up a page identifying all of the Cubano slang that I use! Please, if you are Cuban and you see any of these as wrong or have any more that might be useful, tell me! But native Spanish speakers please keep in mind: I don’t speak Spanish, and also this is Cuban Spanish, so it’s different!

Below are some phrases and words that Fidel will use interacting with random characters.


  • El culo del mundo (the ass of the world) - A place far enough from Cuba or Miami / A place where most people don’t speak Spanish
  • Que vola con tigo? (what flight with you) - A general greeting among friends around central Cuba.
  • Casa del carajo (house of hell) - Same as ‘el culo del mundo’ but a bit closer.
  • Manda huevos! (send eggs!) - An expression of polite disbelief. Ex: “That chick just gave me her number!” “Manda huevos!”
  • Manda pinga! (send dick!) - A more serious form of ‘manda huevos’. Ex: “I got laid last night!” “Manda pinga.”
  • Estas de pinga (you are of dick) - A description of an individual who is generally daring or uninhibited. Non vulgar.
  • Comepinga! (dick eater!) - Moron
  • La luz no le llega hasta el ultimo piso (no light reaches the top floor) - Moron / retard.
  • Que vuelta? (what turn?) - Specifically Cuban way to say ‘what’s up?’ or ‘wassap’?
  • Por si las moscas (if for the flies) - a vague, light notice of caution. ‘Be careful’ is a good cognate.
  •  Me tienes hasta el ultimo pelo! (you have me up to my last hair!) - Usually used by parents for unruly children. Sort of ‘I’m getting tired of your shit.’
  • Ese no tiene does dedos de frente (he doesn’t have two fingers of forehead) - Used to describe someone with little experience in a certain field.
  • Mariconerias mia (faggery of mine) - Describes an out of character event. Ex: a usually shy man being cocky or vice versa. Sort of the same as ‘my bad!’
  • Estas comiendo mierda! (you are eating shit!) - Used to describe one who is acting irresponsibly or irrationally. A warning.
  • Sigue comiendo de lo que pica el pollo! (keep eating what the chicken pecks!) - Same as above, but less vulgar.
  • No hables mierda (don’t talk shit) - Expression of disbelief towards a tall story.
  • Le ronca el mango (it snores the mango) - When something is too much to handle.
  • Ese huevo quere sal (this/that egg wants salt) - Used to express that someone has an ulterior motive. Generally when someone wants sex. Ex: “He’s taking me out for a nice dinner, then we go back to his place.” “Ese huevo quiere sal.”
  • Tremenda muela (trememdous molar) - A tall story, but this time to seduce someone of the opposite sex. Similar to playing yourself up to seem impressive.


  • Vale/Dale (go) - ‘Okay’ or ‘Go for it.’
  • Asere (homie / bro) - Friend / ‘main man’
  • Consorte (home / bro) - May be used in place of ‘asere’
  • Postalita (little postcard) - A guy who thinks he’s a stud/ladykiller.
  • Con todo mi Corazón - ‘With all my heart.’
  • No sé - ‘I don’t know.’
  • Ahi-nama - Cuban slang for ‘here it is’
  • Chao - Goodbye.
  • Bolsa negra - Black market.
  • Cojones - Balls / Bastard.
  • Comemierda - “Eat shit!”
  • Yuma / Gringo - Offensive word for a foreigner. Yuma is more common in Cuba, but both are used.
  • Maricon - ‘Faggot’ or ‘Queer.’
  • Pinguero - Male prostitute. Vulgar.
  • Pendejo - Bastard / asshole. Vulgar.
  • Tropelaje - A lot. An abundance of.
  • Cholo / Chola - Similar to a ‘wigger’. A latino or latina that tries too hard to be gangster. Used as an insult similar to the Italian-based insults of ‘guido’ or ‘guidette’.